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Dead Silence

Dead Silence

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I’ve read a few good horror fantasies last year, but this is the first horror sci-fi book I’ve read in quite some time. I went into this novel expecting something to completely blow me away as the description was definitely hyping me up with excitement to sit back and read this from start to finish. Kane retracts the tether, slowly pulling me to safety, even though it feels like the exact opposite.

He’s been a juror for the Shirley Jackson Awards twice and has judged the PANK Big Book Contest, the Splatterpunk Awards, and the Newfound Prose Prize.

A. Barnes’ Dead Silence, a SF horror novel in which a woman and her crew board a The PTSD that came from that is a constant presence in her life and contributes greatly to her nerves and insecurities, both of which are exacerbated by the thought of losing her job and being stuck on Earth after this last gig, which is something she hates and fears in equal measure. She initially included scenes written from the point of view of the man interviewing Claire, Reed, but chose to eliminate these scenes as "It’s Claire’s story, not his". A. Barnes a 1/5 as even the ending was lame as it kind of gives everything away in the beginning to then have an annoying chapter format to explain what happened in the past with what’s going on currently. Once again, this company had an Aliens mining vibe, and I could not help thinking of sleazeball Burke and the business putting cash before their employees.

to be fair, it's a pretty exciting opportunity: the discovery of The Aurora; a luxury spacecraft that went missing on its maiden voyage twenty years ago carrying hundreds of passengers—the rich, the famous, and the infamous—whose disappearance became the stuff of legend, speculation, a bermuda-triangle-grade mysteeeeerious phenomenon, and here it is—the chance to make history, solve the mystery, or—for the less noble crew members—fill their pockets with bling. Even without much background in horror tropes, it wasn’t especially hard to see where the story was going. As we learn, there was plenty of scary stuff to come and for some reason the author just jets us away from it all unexpectedly.Some parts are absolutely terrifying, but the book eventually settles into a very intriguing thriller, with the suspense keeping you hooked until the last page. p>The data controller is Headline Publishing Group Limited. But then again, Voller excels at stating the obvious and being exceptionally annoying while doing so. From there, it shifts gears, and while the story does build to a different sort of tension, we never regain the jittery creepiness of the first half. Even though Claire is both a strong and enduring female lead, when she is presented with Ripley’s dilemma, she is terrified but accepts she has to face her demons, even if she is unsure what or who they are.

Kade was also intrigued by the idea of setting the novel in two different points in time, both before and after the character Claire was rescued, as she liked the idea that authorities would see her as an unreliable narrator due to the existence of conflicting evidence. They manage to gain the full salvage pay for the Aurora from Verux, as part of a PR move to improve their now damaged image. We’re led to question her memories and what she sees, and to sympathize with her struggles against her own self-doubt.p>Read about how we’ll protect and use your data in our Privacy Notice. Although I did enjoy these sequences, they go on for just a tad too long and perhaps another edit would have moved the story on at a slightly speedier pace.

I really enjoyed the characters within this book, however one thing that I felt stopped me from connecting to some of them is the fact that while our main character is telling us this story there are a few ‘present day’ chapters which essentially tells us who lives and who dies… so that for me took away some of the mystery and it stopped me from connecting to certain characters because I knew what was going to happen. Dead Silence has many admirable qualities and I loved the manner in which it is pitched as a science fiction novel, but never dwells on the mechanics of the ‘science’ but remains very rational and believable. Unfortunately, there’s not a single likable character, and the main character is so loathsome it ruins any chance of this being a good story for me. I did not like any of the characters at all and even the main protagonist, Claire Kovalik, was one of the most annoying characters you can ever ask for in a sci-fi setting like this. Locus Magazine is an indispensable resource for sf/f/h readers because it’s the only magazine devoted to the world of speculative fiction books.

A brilliantly written story that fans of Aliens will thoroughly enjoy, though the plot, theme, and characters stand on their own merit. When Claire was a child, she became the sole survivor of a viral outbreak that killed everyone else in her colony including her mother.

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